PreFinal Exam:

Module 0:   No Questions
Module 1:   15 Questions
Module 2:   20 Questions
Module 3:   20 Questions
Module 4:   20 Questions
Module 5:   20 Questions
Module 6:   15 Questions
Module 4ii: 15 Questions

Total: 125 Questions

Each question is worth:
½ point for 62.5 points

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This Prefinal exam should be done with a partner, closed book open partner. After being stumped by a question refer to your book to check the answer.

If you can not work with a partner, then it is OK to work this Pretest alone.

It is possible you may want to argue about an answer or challenge the answer programmed. (We make errors) If So use the Textbox at the bottom of the test to send your comments to the instructor

If you do not complete this exercise, then the In-Class Final will count 250 points or 25% of your final grade, instead of 190 points (19% of your final grade)

This pretest must be completed prior to your inclass final exam. Your total points out of 62.5 must be entered on your homework checklist. The checklist must be submitted inclass on the day of your final. Enter zero if you do not complete all seven modules.

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CHEM 1001 students should access Test Zero from their home:
1. Enter your name and email address,
2. Enter the answer to #1 as choice a,
3. Scroll down to the "All Done Check the Test"
    button and click to see if your ISP's browser
    pops up the window and grades the test.
4. Finally click the Submit Button and see if the test     submits. A Thank-You Submission screen
    will appear on your computer for 8 seconds
    indicating the test has been sent.

Module 0: CHEM 1001 Test Template

Click below to access John Taylor's Tutorial Zero: Sample test zero image

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Those who have problems with their home computer or Internet hookup, may go with the instructor to Xerox for a hard copy. Complete the test, come to campus and the library and input all your answers to the seven modules and submit the prefinal test

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