CHEM 1001/CHM 1020/CHM 1025C/CHM 1032C, CHM 2045C

Module One Sample Test                               


M-1 Part C: Element Classification           10 points


M-1 Part C: Element Classification           10 points

Using the periodic chart provided, in the blanks below write the classification of the elements listed:



Nonmetal-Nobel Gas (inert),

Nonmetal-class by itself;

or Semimetal (Metalloid or Amphoteric).



1.    12C6            ________________                   


2.    39K19           ________________                   


3.    11B5            ________________


4.    1H1             _________________


5.    4He2           _________________


6.   238U92           _________________


7.   23Na11                    _________________


8.  32S16                          _________________


9. 35Cl17                          _________________


10. 84Kr36                      _________________








This is just a short practice, the actual test is 15 definitions or over 50 online,

M-1 Part K:                   Vocabulary Corwin chap 1 & 4           15 points

In the blank below, write word(s) that best fit the description:


______________1.  A pure stances that can not be broken down any further by a

                                     chemical reaction.

______________2.  A pure substance that can be broken down further by a chemical


______________3.  The study of matter and the changes matter undergoes.


______________4.  Two or more substances mixed together uniformly through out of

                                     which a solution is an example.

______________5.  Elements which properties in between the metals and nonmetals

                                     and under one condition they act as metal, while under other

                                     conditions may act as a nonmetal.

______________6.  Smallest particle or unit of an element.


______________7.  Smallest particle or unit of a compound.


______________8.  Stored energy that matter possesses owing to its position or


______________9.  A symbolic representation of a compound indicating the number of

                                     atoms of each element.

______________10. The Energy associated with the mass and velocity of a particle or

                                     the energy of motion of a particle.










(Answers: 1.element; 2.compound; 3. chemistry; 4. homogeneous mixture; 5.metaloids (semimetals); 6. atom; 7. molecule (ion-formula unit); 8. potential; chemical formula; 10.kinetic energy


Alternate Answer:  Write a definition below of one word in the vocabulary list not referenced above and you may leave one of the words blank: