CHEM 1001 Module Two Exam - page 3 Name:_____________

Module Two-Part F: Unit Analysis Problems 10 points

Apply the unit analysis method of problem solving to each of the following (setup statement 2 pt, unit analysis setup 6 pts, answer 2 pt with its proper unit) ( If greater than three significant figures round off to three significant figures): (1) How many karats is a diamond weighing 234.2 mg? (One karat = 0.200 g) (2) Insurance statistics state that a person loses 8 minutes of average life for each cigarette smoked. If there are 20 cigarettes in a pack and the average cost of cigarette is $4.50 per pack over the next 15 years, how many years of average life would a person lose for smoking 1.5 packs a day for 15 years?

Module Two-Part H: Density, Specific Gravity & Volume Problems 10 points

1. A quartz rock was cut into a rectangular solid paperweight. IF the paperweight has a mass of 165 g and measures 5.00 cm by 5.00 cm by 25.0 mm, what is its volume in cubic centimeters? 2. Calculate the density in g/mL for 10.0 grams of ethyl ether having a volume 14.0 mL.