CHEM 1001/CHM1020/CHM1025C/CHM1032C    Name: ______________

Module Three Sample Pretest


  Module Three: Part K        Atomic Theory  Vocabulary       10 points


Fill in the blank with the word(s) that best fit the description:


______________1. A subatomic particle having negligible mass and a relative mass of

                                one minus.


______________2.  A region of space outside the nucleus where either zero, one, or

                                 two electrons may populate.


______________3.  That part of the atom which does not take part in the ordinary

                                 chemical reaction.


______________4.  The central part of an atom.


______________5.  A neutral subatomic particle having an approximate mass of 1 amu



______________6. A number assigned to each element which defines the number of

                                protons in the nucleus of the atom.


______________7. A number assigned to each element which defines the total number

                                of protons and neutrons found in the nucleus.


______________8. An element with the same atomic number but different mass



______________9. A charged atom (electrons and protons are NOT in balance)



_____________10. The weighted average mass of all the naturally occurring isotopes

                                 of an element.


Below write the word and the definition which is in Corwin’s Chapters 5 and 6 but not one of the above: