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Module Four: Part F    Ternary Ionic Compounds                 5 points


Using a periodic chart write the names or formulas of the following compounds depending on whether the formula or name is given:


1.   Na2CO3       __Sodium carbonate_______


2.   K2SO4           __Potassium sulfate_____


3.   (NH4)3PO4    __Ammonium phosphate___


4.   Ca(ClO3)2     __Calcium chlorate______


5.   CuNO3            __Copper I Nitrate_____



6.   Aluminum Hydroxide          __Al(OH)3___



7.   Ammonium carbonate        __(NH4)2CO3___



8.   Sodium Hypochlorite          ___NaClO_



9.   Magnesium Nitrate              ___Mg(NO3)2____



10.  Iron III sulfite                       ___Fe2(SO3)3___


Bonus: Potassium thiocyanate:    KCNS