CHEM 1001/CHM 1020/ Chm1025C/CHM1032C         Name:__Answers_

Module 6 Sample Pretest


Module Four: Part G    Binary/Ternary Acids                 5 points

Using a periodic chart write the names or formulas of the following compounds depending on whether the formula or name is given:


1.    HCl       ___Hydrochloric Acid_____         


2.    H2SO4     __Sulfuric Acid____


3.    HNO3      __Nitric Acid_______


4.  HNO2        __Nitrous Acid________


5.   H2CO3      __Carbonic Acid______


6.    Hypochlorous acid          __HClO___


7.    Phosphoric acid              __H3PO4__


8.    Sulfurous acid                 __H2SO3__


9.    Perchloric acid                __HClO4___


10.  Hydrofluoric acid              __HF______


See Sections 7.8 and 7.9: Work problems 47-54 p189-190




Module Four: Part A       Bond Recognition                     5 points

Using a periodic chart, predict the bond that would form between the two elements::


1.   Cu-Zn            ____metallic______


2.    Ca-F             ____ionic______


3.    C-O               ____covalent________


4.   B-Cl                ____covalent_______


5.    N-H                ____covalent______


In your textbook see sections 7.4 and 7.5. Work problems 23-32 on pages 188-189 for similar exercises