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Module Four: Part H    Inorganic Compounds                 12 points


Using a periodic chart write the names or formulas of the following polyatomic ions depending on whether the formula or name is given:


1.  H2CO3 (aq) ___Carbonic Acid______(acid)


2.   MgSO4       ___Magnesium sulfate_______(ternary salt)


3.   Ca3(PO3)2  ___Calcium phosphite___(ternary salt)


4.   HClO3 (aq)  ___Chloric acid___(ternary acid)


5.   SO3           ____Sulfur trioxide___(not sulfite! Why?)(covalent)


6.   Fe2O3             ____Iron III oxide______(binary ionic)


7.    Aluminum Hydroxide       ___Al(OH)3____(ternary ionic)



8.   Ammonium chloride        ___NH4Cl___(ternary ionic)



9.   Sodium Hypochlorite       ____NaClO____(ternary ionic)



10.   Nitrogen dioxide              ___NO2_____(covalent molecule)



11.  Calcium Phosphate          ___Ca3(PO4)2____(ternary salt)



12.  Sulfuric acid  (aq)                    ___H2SO4_ (ternary acid)


These are general compounds, you must classify the compound first before applying the rules of inorganic nomenclature. Work the general exercises on pages 190-191, practicing classify the compound first before trying to name it. SpecificallyProblems 59-72