CHEM 1001/CHM 1020/ Chm1025C/CHM1032C         Name:________

Module 6 SamplePretest

Module Six Part B: Discussion Question (up to 5 points bonus)


In the Real Gas Equation:   (P + an2/V2) (V - nb) = n RT a pressure correction factor was added. Why? (What assumptions of the kinetic theory breakdown under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure?)











Also a volume correction factor was subtracted. Why? (What assumptions of the KMT breakdown under extreme conditions?)









Module Six-Part C    Standard Conditions/Molar Volume     5 points


State standard conditions (STP) in three units of pressure (the last is your choice) and oC and K temperatures:



_____mm Hg or ______torre=  ______atm =  _____   ______(you write the unit too)



_____ oC   =    ______K


Are the values for the Molar Gas Volume Constant:


1 mole CO2 =________L CO2@STP       1 mole H2 =________L H2@STP



1 mole N2 =________L N2@STP             1 mole O2 =________L O2@STP