CHM1025C Module One Sample Test      Answers

Part C1: Compounds and Chemical Formulas (Section3.4) 


1.   State the Law of Definite Composition:


The principle that states a compound always contains the same elements in the same proportions by mass (also known as the Law of Definite Proportions) (Section 3.5)


2.   Define Molecule:


A single particle composed of nonmetal atoms (section 3.5)


3.   The chemical formula for vitamin B3 is:  C6H6N2O


In One Molecule How Many:


__6__ carbon atoms


__1__ oxygen atoms


__15__ total atoms


4.   Write the chemical formula for Vitamin B6 which has eight Carbon atoms, 11 Hydrogen atoms, one Nitrogen atom, and three Oxygen atoms:




How many total atoms are there in one Vitamin B6 molecule?


5.   Citric Acid (in citrus fruit) has the following chemical formula:




In one molecule of Citric Acid, How many:


__6___Carbon atoms


__7___Oxygen Atoms


__8___ Hydrogen Atoms


__21___ total atoms